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My name is Zulal Ahmad.
I’m a self-taught digital product designer based in Pakistan.

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I help companies in making user-centered experiences plus building interfaces that are consistent and seamless.

My journey started as a visual designer, but over time, helping clients with ideation and on-screen UX improvement has led me deep into the world of UX which I’m learning a great deal about these days.

Looking for a designer?

Education, Log Management, File Sharing, Health & Fitness, Social Media, and Finance are the fields that I’ve enormous experience in. That’s said, I’m always looking for new challenges, and strive to help clients with my expertise regardless of the fields.

Great attention to detail and patience along with excellent design skills makes me highly recommend Zulal. We worked on Ubergrad system which had a lot of complicated dashboards and lots of data points.

Zulal was able to make it very user friendly while maintaining an awesome visual appeal. My clients are loving it. Highly recommended.

My Process

Whether it’s a web, mobile, or desktop app or even a complete website; I have my own process that ensures I’m delivering a good quality product to the clients.


Clients come in with a brief and some sense of a product in their mind. They share the rough idea, this is where I get to know the product, the target audience and the client’s business needs. A lot of brainstorming goes on till we come up with various possibilities for designing new functionalities or improving the existing ones. Doing extensive research on the product and design is also part of the package here.

02.Defining or Improving User Experience

If the user experience is intuitive and clear, it will ensure more end users. More users will guarantee that the product’s business does well. This step involves, improving or recreating the user experience by following user-centered methods. Which includes, defining the navigational structure, thoroughly reviewing user-flows, positioning of the contents, rethinking of the wizards, different interactions of the menus and modals etc.

03.Building Visual Language

After the wireframes are improved, I begin to build a specific style for the product. This includes selecting a color palette, creating text styles, making buttons, designing meaningful icons, defining standards to display information etc. All these decisions are made with the targeted audience and scale of the product in mind.

04.Consistency & Design System

Once a design language has been established for the product I concentrate on creating a Design System for the whole product. I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of having a Design System that’s built on time. You can place all reusable components like colors, types, input fields, icons, buttons etc. in one place and for this I use Sketch’s Shared Library feature. It helps me manage the consistency and scale of the product easily, even if there’s multiple people on board.

After this, I spend some extra time to make a more detailed guide for developers. By this step, most of the things have been designed and the product has taken its final shape.

et voilà, my work is done!

Home Workspace Image

Home Workspace

My Clients & Experience

I strictly believe in quality over quantity when it comes to selecting clients. The size of a project should be irrelevant to a good designer. I focus on delivering the best possible work to all my clients; whether they are local startups or big companies backed by Google Ventures.

Design is not just work for me, it’s my passion. It’s a lifestyle I chose for myself and have the drive to excel in. I thrive in solving challenges presented by clients and strive to satisfy their needs -- it is the reason I’ve been able to keep all the clients who have come to me with a project

Office Workspace Image

Office Workspace

Zulal is an excellent designer who pays close attention to detail to both UI and UX. Based on only a few rough sketches and wireframes, he was able to suggest better UX methods to streamline the user flow.

He is dedicated, hardworking, and above all, gives special time and attention to his clients. He greatly exceeded our expectations. We would love to work with him again.