Mobile exepreince

While most of my recent work has been focused on web apps, I do have experience working on mobile apps. In particular, I helped design the first version of the Jumpshare file sharing app, and I also played a key role in redesigning the massive KeepTruckin mobile app while ensuring consistency and elevating the visual experience. My work can still be seen in the live apps.

Founder of Jumpshare

Zulal is an excellent designer who pays close attention to detail to both UI and UX. Based on only a few rough sketches and wireframes, he was able to suggest better UX methods to streamline the user flow. He is dedicated, hardworking, and above all, gives special time and attention to his clients. He greatly exceeded our expectations. We would love to work with him again.

When it comes to mobile design, I'm familiar with the human-centered design guidelines for mobile, as well as key factors

  • ٖFrictionless navigation

  • Designing for fingers, not cursors

  • Providing interaction feedback

  • Gestures and their learning curves

  • Minimizing cognitive load

  • Minimizing user inputs

  • Considering poor connectivity

Jumpshare Mobile App

Jumpshare is a real-time file sharing app. It lets you share files, take screenshots, record videos and annotate those.


Mobile App UX & UI



Initial wireframes

I was tasked with refining the client's initial wireframes and suggesting improvements to the UX flows. I incorporated easy-to-use navigation, brought web functionality to the mobile platform, and broke down major tasks such as uploading into subtasks.

The file uploading component was crucial, and I focused on designing a seamless user experience that addressed poor connectivity, prevented errors, provided assistance in case of errors, and offered system feedback during the uploading process.

My uploads module

File sharing flow

For the visual design aspect, my main objective was to create a consistent visual language that could work seamlessly on both the iOS and Android platforms, with minor adjustments as needed.

I chose to rely on blue as the primary color due to its more corporate feel, while also defining complementary colors, styles, and patterns that align with the brand guidelines.

File and folder view

I created a custom icon set when I couldn't find all the necessary shapes in an existing set. Jumpshare inspired me to explore the world of iconography further, and my custom set was later scaled and made available for public use.

Icon set

KeepTruckin Mobile App

The app lets drivers add logs, remarks, vehicle inspections, and more.


Mobile app redesign



I first helped KeepTruckin redesign the entire Web Fleet Management Platform. The redesign coupled with the introduction of new features, played a critical role in KeepTruckin securing its next round of funding.

As a result, I was assigned the task of redesigning the Driver Facing Mobile App to align it with the Fleet Management System and ensure a consistent user experience across all products.

Old screens

I derived all the colors, patterns, and styles from the Web Fleet Management design language and translated them to match the guidelines of the mobile platform. This ensured consistency and a seamless experience for users across different devices.

New design | Logs section

Duty status section

I improved the readability and scan-ability of the designs by enhancing the visual hierarchy, distinguishing sections, and emphasizing important elements with appropriate visual weight. I focused on decluttering information wherever possible to improve the overall product experience for the drivers.

Vehicle inspection

ELD device status

I created multiple icon sets for the Mobile App, ensuring they conveyed the message clearly and were visually appealing.

Maintaining consistency across a large-scale product is challenging. To achieve this, I documented all the design standards and building blocks in Sketch App. This work was later used by the KT design team when they began building the design system.

Icon set