Zulal Ahmad

A Digital Product Designer


I’m a self-taught digital product designer based in Pakistan. I help companies in making user-centered experiences plus building interfaces that are consistent and seamless.

My journey started as a visual designer, but over time, helping clients with ideation and on-screen UX improvement has led me deep into the world of UX which I’m learning a great deal about these days.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to work on Google Venture and Index Venture startup—KeepTruckin— where I helped them redesigning the entire product while ensuring the consistency by building a Design System comprises of all of the building blocks.

Design is not just work for me, it’s my passion. It’s a lifestyle I chose for myself and have the drive to excel in. I thrive in solving challenges presented by clients and strive to satisfy their needs -- it is the reason I’ve been able to keep all the clients who have come to me with a project.


A platform that connects students with overseas universities.


Designed and enhanced the user experience of the entire product by following user-centered design standards.

Worked directly with the co-founder to simplify the existing functionalities and to design new functionalities.

Explored a Visual Language having all the complicated charts, tables, graphs and dashboards in mind.

Translated designs from Desktop to Mobile, making sure that the experience is seamless.

Collaborated with an Illustrator and helped design the entire marketing phase of the product.

Facilitated the developers with a Detailed Style Guide to ensure the consistency.


An end-to-end fleet management and electronic log solution.


Redesigned the entire Fleet Management System from the group up making sure that it doesn’t affect predefined UX.

Rearranged components and did some small on screen UX improvements.

Hand crafted a meaningful icon set which was consistent with the design.

After the successful collaboration, I helped KeepTruckin with redesigning of its Mobile App which is used by hundreds of thousands of drivers.

Derived the Visual Language from previously designed Fleet Management System.

To ensure the consistency, I created a Design System by breaking all of the design elements into small building blocks. Crafting a fresh set of meaningful icons.


A real-time file sharing app which lets you share and view files from web or mobile.


Worked with the founder to come up with a better user experience for the both; web and mobile platforms, analyzing the end-user's needs.

Redesigned the web app with a new flat, clean and usable interface, and designed iOS app from scratch.

Crafted fresh meaningful icon set for the Mobile App and then followed that style on Web App.

Great attention to detail and patience along with excellent design skills makes me highly recommend Zulal. We worked on Ubergrad system which had a lot of complicated dashboards and lots of data points.

Zulal was able to make it very user friendly while maintaining an awesome visual appeal. My clients are loving it. Highly recommended.