2016   -   2017


  • Creative Direction
  • Web Design


FILMATE has an over 30 years long historical standing in Taiwan and Mainland China. As a most professional film production company, FILMATE maintains a very close relationship with most worldwide agencies and collaborations with the most excellent directors and producers all over the world.

I was hired to redesign the entire website. Although Filmate was excelling in the field of Film Making, they never got a chance to update the site. The previous site was quite old-fashioned and was missing the vital information and services Filmate currenlty offers.The client wasn’t into the simple modular website with the navigation on the top, they wanted it to be super interactive and unique.

Having the total creative freedom, I refined the brand colors. The darker background with vibrant colors, tubes along with other geometrical shapes, and paint mask for the images were used.

Side navigation is placed on the left side and accessible all the time, each link and the respective page has its own color. Which makes the experience more fun.

Filmate Homepage
Filmate Homepage

About Us

There were many information sections, designing each section in a different way and combining them together was the challenging tasks here. It’s my favorite page from the entire site.

About Us Page

To make the experience fun and interactive, the idea of a randomly drawn continuous line was proposed. When the user scroll, the line moves up in a continuous way and brings a new project. Clicking on any project takes the user to the detail page, but in case the user wants to see all of the projects, there's a grid icon on the top right corner.

Showreel Page

Although the entire design was executed with responsiveness in mind, some sections were redesigned because of the shortage of space.

Filmate mobile
Filmate mobile
Filmate mobile
Filmate mobile