Experimental Projects

Project List

Working on client projects is great, but it can be tedious when your ideas are not heard, and when there are so many constraints. I take a break from the client projects from time to time and experiment with either existing projects or new ones.

This practice enables me to try out new ideas, helps me learn new things, and gives me a satisfaction of triumph.

Drops — It’s an icon set that I came up with while working on Jumpshare Mobile App. Designed on the 48px grid, it can be a great fit when working on iOS Apps. Currently, it’s 45 icons, but I hope to extend it with more icons in the future.

Master Gmat — A real project that I had the opportunity to work on in 2011. Having some free time on hands, I started redesigning it. I kept the User Experience pretty much the same but made some drastic visual changes. The goal was to make it minimal and aesthetically pleasing.

Beans— Finding all the icons in one set is hard, and taking icons from the multiple sets leads to the inconsistency. To solve this problem, I ended up creating a set of my own which covers 99 most used icons. I’ve used this set on numerous projects, and I hope to scale it in the future.

Aspree — An experimental project. Imagine having all the tools that you use most in routine life—mail, calendar, notes, tasks, etc—in one place, that was the idea behind Aspree. Modular design with the minimalism in mind was what I was trying to achieve here.