Dec 2016   -   Dec 2017



  • Ideation
  • User Experience
  • User Interface


BigVU is a video maker for marketing, sales, training & communications. With the help of it, users can quickly create videos without requiring any knowledge.


The Challenge

BigVU already had the both; Web and Mobile Apps, but the entire user experience was frustrating and confusing, both products looked mere prototypes with many visual inconsistencies. It was as if the contents were strewn without proper thoughts.

My job was to redefine the user experience, simplify the video creation process, and to create a new visual language that could work for the both; web and mobile.

Kick off

I started with the Stories, the page where users land first and can see all the stories. A story can either be a Draft, Ready, or Rendering. In the previous design, there was not enough visual distinction between the stories. Also, visually, there were many inconsistencies.

Stories page from the previous app
Thumb Iteration

The challenging task was to create cards of the stories in a way that all of the vital information is included and easy to scan and comprehend. The stories can have three different states, a distinctive treatment was given, and a meaningful icon was created for each state.

Final Desk With Side Menu

I used Stories Page as a playground to explore the right Visual Language.

I aimed toward a clean and minimal design, dropping all the heavy shadows, and gradients that were used in the previous app. I used the colors that were neither too pale, nor too dull. Created 1px Stroke Icons for some essential functions on the top to save space. Discoverability and a clear visual distinction between the contents were my primary focuses.

Thumb Iteration

For the mobile app, the cards were re-imagined to match with the iOS language, but I made sure that it still has a resemblance with the Web App.

Video Creation on Web

The composer is the heart of BigVU Web App. Although there’s no recording functionality available on the Web App, users still can create videos using their own media or using the built-in library which offers media from Twitter, Pixabay, and other platforms. Once the user is done with adding the media, he can add text, restyle everything, and publish the video.

The entire experience of creating video was confusing, as you can see below, the previous composer page was super cluttered, and again, there were many visual inconsistencies.

Composer page from the pervious app
Composer page

My job was to rethink the entire process of creating a video and make it less confusing. That included re-imagining of the timeline, previewer, and styling of the video.

It was the most challenging part, and for that, I designed two versions; vertical and horizontal. The horizontal version was chosen for it being closer to the existing app and how less-cluttered and intuitive users found it.

Video Creation on Mobile

The mobile app is slightly different from the web app for its recording feature. It’s super handy for the journalist, reporters, and presenters.

Memorizing the text/script is the problem that BigVU is fixing here. Instead of remembering, the text appears right on the screen while users are recording. Super handy!

My job was to translate the idea on the mobile canvas, and I aimed toward simplifying the steps.